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Q: Are Americans Ready to Return to Work?

No, most Americans are still not comfortable going back to their workplace.

According to our survey, 21.3% of respondents are "not at all comfortable" returning to the workplace with an additional 23.5% are "not so comfortable" returning to their place of work.

As companies consider when and how they will reopen, implementing safety practices are critical to ensure that workplaces are both productive and safe.

To ensure the safety of employees during reopening, companies will need to implement new safety procedures. Below are the health and safety precautions, listed in order of perceived importance, that respondents would like to see implemented as workplaces reopen. Higher values indicate greater levels of importance to respondents.

The survey data revealed two precautions valued most by employees:

  1. Require the use of face masks for all employees.

  2. Provide cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and sanitation supplies to all employees.

Other noteworthy precautions included rearranging workstations, implementing a flexible sick leave policy, and allowing sick or exposed employees to stay home ("no questions asked").

Last updated on September 21, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Preliminary results based on 235 online survey respondents in the United States. Data from September 4, 2020 through September 7, 2020.

For more information about our survey techniques, click here to visit our Methods page.


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