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Q: How Concerned are Americans about Access to a COVID-19 Vaccine?

A: Only a third of Americans are confident about distribution.

With multiple companies requesting emergency FDA authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine, the possibility that one could be available in the next few months is increasing. However, while results from our November 24 post show greater confidence in the FDA’s approval process, vaccine distribution may be a greater concern.

Our latest survey results reveal that 29% of respondents believe the US is prepared to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine (”strongly agree” or “agree”). This marks an increase of 15% since early October when only 14% of respondents shared that same sentiment.

Republicans are more optimistic than Democrats and Independents regarding vaccine distribution. According to our latest survey, just 20% of Democrats and 24% of Independents believe the US is prepared to distribute a vaccine, but more than half of Republicans (53%) share that view. Since early October, we observed a 21% increase among Republicans who believe the US is prepared to distribute a vaccine compared to an increase of 12% among Democrats and 10% among Independents over that same period.


Last updated on December 3, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Results based on surveys of 232 respondents from November 13, 2020 through November 16, 2020. All surveys were conducted online from respondents in the United States.

For more information about our survey techniques, click here to visit our Methods page.


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