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Q: When Will We Start Flying Again?

Coronavirus has forced most people to cancel their upcoming trips, with little insight as to when it will be safe to start traveling again. According to our survey, 39.7% of respondents will not be boarding airplane any time within the next year, while approximately 13.1% of respondents would be willing to fly on an airline within the next month.

What Safety Measures Should Airline Adopt?

When the time does come to start traveling again, below are the health and safety precautions, listed in order of perceived importance, that respondents would like to see implemented on airlines. Higher values indicate greater levels of importance to respondents.

What would have a significant impact on your willingness to fly on an airplane?

Last updated on July 2, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Preliminary results based on 269 online survey respondents in the United States. Data from May 22, 2020 through May 25, 2020. Additional data collected from June 25, 2020 through June 29, 2020.

For more information about our survey techniques, click here to visit our Methods page


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