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Q: Has Congress Eased Concerns?

A: No, regardless of political party, respondents viewed Congress as having a negative impact.

On average, Democrats and Republicans both reported that Congress has had a "mild negative impact" towards easing their concerns (-0.54 and -0.56, respectively). Independents felt slightly more strongly with an average score of -0.73.

On average, both Democrats and Republicans reported that Congress has had a negative impact towards easing their concerns regarding COVID-19, and Independents felt even more strongly.

Virtually nobody said that Congress has had a "significant positive impact" on them:

  • 2% of Democrats

  • 2% of Republicans

  • 0% of Independents

On the other hand, 27% of Independent, 18% of Democrats, and 16% of Republicans indicated that Congress has had a "significant negative impact."

Last updated on March 31, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Preliminary results based on 285 online survey respondents in the United States (61 Republicans, 141 Democrats, 83 Independents). Data from March 26, 2020 through March 29, 2020.

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