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COVID-19 & Thanksgiving: How Did Americans Celebrate in 2022?

For the last two years, Thanksgiving celebrations have been derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that vaccines, medications, and other resources have become widely available, this year’s Thanksgiving may feel like the most normal celebration America has experienced in a while.

As a follow-up to our November 2021 post, we continued to ask respondents how they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Our latest results show an overall increase among respondents who celebrated Thanksgiving outside their homes with more friends and family.

Compared to last year’s findings, we observed a slight decrease among respondents who celebrated at home with non-household members along with an overall increase among respondents who traveled to celebrate with friends and family.

Furthermore, we continued to ask respondents if any COVID-19 safety measures were implemented at their Thanksgiving celebration. Consistent with last year’s findings, our latest results show that most respondents (80%) have discontinued COVID-19 precautions – an increase of 26% compared to the previous year. We also observed an overall decrease among respondents who limited the number of guests at their gathering and respondents who required their guests to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Last updated on December 13, 2022. Please check back for updates.

Results based on surveys of 301 respondents from December 2, 2022 through December 5, 2022. All surveys were conducted online from respondents in the United States.

For more information about our survey techniques, click here to visit our Methods page.


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