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Q: How Have Restaurant Preferences Changed?

Approximately 1/3 of respondents would be willing to dine at a restaurant sometime within the next month, including 17.5% who are currently willing to dine at a restaurant.

As stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, respondents plan to visit the following types of restaurants at least once within the next two months

  • Fast food restaurants: 33.2%

  • Local neighborhood restaurants 20.2%

Looking ahead to restaurants resuming dine-in service, implementing health and safety practices are critical. The top three most important health and safety precautions, according to respondents, are the following:

  1. Limit the number of guests in the restaurant

  2. Employees required to wear protective gear such as mask and gloves

  3. At least 6 feet between tables

Last updated on June 12, 2020. Please check back for updates. Preliminary results based on 279 online survey respondents in the United States who reported being full-time or part-time employed. Data from May 22, 2020 through May 25, 2020. For more information about our survey techniques, click here to visit our Methods page.


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